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Dog Grooming in Spotsylvania

Our Grooming Services Include All of the Following:

Consultation with your groomer begins with an evaluation of your dog's teeth and gums, which indicates a lot about your dog's health. Your groomer determines, based on your dog's coat and your input, what is the best shampoo for your dog's health and look.

We offer various types of all natural shampoos including Oatmeal, Hypo-allergenic, Flea, Whitening and others all designed to create a healthy and beautiful dog. Your groomer works with you to decide what type of style will work for your dog.

We also feature Madra Mor Mud treatments:

Pets are housed in safe environment, which includes purified air, relaxing music and natural dog appeasing pheromones.

Our location is a state-of-the-art facility designed with you and your pets' comfort in mind. All grooming is done in the front of the salon.

Our facility is clean and stylish, and it even clean-scented because of our sophisticated air purification system.

Brush out and pre-bath trim Dogs are brushed. Pads, feet and hygiene areas are trimmed.

Bathed using all natural and specialized shampoos according your pets needs. You and the groomer determine the right shampoo. All shampoos, even specialty shampoos, such as oatmeal, flea or even hypo-allergenic shampoos are available.

Ears and eyes are cleaned and glands are expressed (If Requested). Ears are cleaned with natural cleaning solutions, and eyes are wiped.

Nails clipped and smoothed Nails are clipped and delicately smoothed. Dried and brushed again All dogs are fluffed and blow-dried by hand. Trimmed (if applicable) We specialize in AKC clips for your Pedigree and creative styles for your mixed breed.

Most important we create what you want. Bow and treat given with your approval We love to give your dog a bow and a treat if it is OK with you. (This is one of our free extras!) Post-Groom consultation

When you pick up your pet, your groomer will discuss any problems that may need to be brought to your attention such as hot spots, dry skin, fleas etc.